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 +is there a need for s_noise.cc? noise seems to be just about probes.
 +in e_aux.h a function like
 +<code cpp>
 +inline COMPLEX port_noise(const node_t& n1, const node_t& n2){
 +  std::fill_n(CKT_BASE::_sim->_sens, 1*CKT_BASE::_sim->_total_nodes+1, 0);
 +  CKT_BASE::_sim->_sens[n1.m_()] = 1;
 +  CKT_BASE::_sim->_sens[n2.m_()] = -1;
 +  CKT_BASE::_sim->_acx.fbsubt(CKT_BASE::_sim->_sens); // use Gennadys transposed fbsub
 +  double a = CARD_LIST::card_list.do_noise();
 +  return a;
 +could be used to probe the noise (called in e_element.cc and e_node.cc just like port_impedance is called).
 +of course an array with sensitivity data needs to be added to SIM, also do_noise() must sum up all noise contributions like in Gennadys implementation.
 +imo noise simulation is a bad candidate for a plugin, as there seems to be no way to make it work without changing  internals. once noise works, a plugin that implements spice command compatibility might make more sense.
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