About the Grassroots Radio Conference

The Grassroots Radio Conference is an annual gathering of folks from grassroots, volunteer-powered, community radio stations to connect, learn new skills, discuss critical issues, and do some partying. And you're invited!

This year's conference is the latest gathering of the Grassroots Radio Coalition, a casual, but dedicated group of many stations and people that has no bylaws, no dues, no staff, and no standing structure except a listserv. But what the coalition does have is a history and a set of ideas… The history: building a movement for social change, justice, and democracy through media that reflects these values. The ideas: that we're committed to building community, serving underserved groups, challenging our listeners, expanding cultural experience, providing community access to the airwaves, and airing diverse programming.

The history, the ideas… these are happening now, and they are part of a movement. This movement. And it's called grassroots radio.

We don't often realize that the conversations we have over beverages about improving our newscasts, or our music shows, or our service to our communities really can be the foundations for building a better society.

That's what we're doing at the Grassroots Radio Conference 2015. Trying to figure out more and new ways of action, making new friendships and renewing old ones, creating great radio.

Come to Palenville: GRC-2015, September 24-27, 2015.

We kick things off on Thursday, September 24 with an informal get-together and registration. The conference starts in earnest on Friday morning, September 25 and continues into Sunday morning. Our keynote speaker will join us for lunch on Sunday, September 27, and then we all go home rejuvenated.

Registration for GRC-2015 is $150.00 per person, with an early-bird registration until—— for $125.00.

For those with a generous spirit, we have set up an extra contribution page to help with those less fortunate in need of scholarships. Some scholarships are available through the Solidarity Fund.

Explore these pages to find out more.

Still have questions? Email grc@wlppfm.org, or call (518) 678-9997.

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