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We all make mistakes. This section is about the mistakes you might make when selecting your equipment.

In community radio, we try to keep within a budget, which is often insanely low. Picking your console, you don't have enough money for what you really want. So what do you do? With the competitors, the only choice is to buy less than what you really want. Then, either you put up with it, or buy the whole thing again. With Kaatskit, you have another choice. Buy the large frame, and add modules later. Buy the low cost faders, and upgrade later.

You think you know what inputs you want. Two mics, ten line … You are on the air a couple of months, and realize you really wanted six mics, and still want ten line inputs. With a non-modular console, you buy again. With modular construction, you just change what you have at a much lower cost.

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