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Mic Preamp

Need a few extra mic inputs? 12 extra mic inputs? This external mic preamp connects at line level to the board with an RJ-45 connector.

It is available in 3 different forms:

  • Pod Pod
  • Panel Panel
  • Bare Board Bare Board
  • Pod: It's a little box you can mount somewhere, or just hang in line.
  • Panel: It mounts like an electrical outlet, behind a panel.
  • Bare Board: There is no enclosure, just a PC board with the electronics, for you to use inside something.

A few of these preamps are included with every Kaatskit modular console. How many depends on your custom order.

The outputs are transformerless cross-coupled active balanced, so you can ground either side like you can with a transformer. Since it's a kit, you can build it as either floating balanced, for best flexibility like a transformer, or you can build it non-floating like grounding the center tap of the transformer.


  • Input: Standard XLR, balanced
  • Output: RJ-45
    1. L out +
    2. L out -
    3. R out +
    4. Ground
    5. NC
    6. R out -
    7. Power -15V
    8. Power +15V


  • Designed for professional low impedance (150 ohm) microphones
  • Load impedance: approx 8k, balanced bridging

Phantom power

  • Jumper controlled, off or 15 volts.
  • Connector for external 48 volts.


  • Balanced, choice of floating or non-floating.
  • Clip level: Non-floating: 48 v p-p, +26 dbu, Floating: 24 v p-p, +20 dbu, with one side grounded or +26 dbu with balanced load

Power supply

  • +/- 15 volts, 15 mA, supplied through the output connector, not included.


  • Jumper configured, approx 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 db.


  • First stage: LM4562/LME49720 dual op-amp
  • Second stage: LF353 dual op-amp
  • For repair, any standard dual op-amp will work.



For “6-pack” (6 preamps):

Kit Assembled
Pod $150. $300.
Panel $120. $240.
Bare board $90. $180.

For 1 preamp:

Kit Assembled
Pod $30. $60.
Panel $24. $48.
Bare board $18. $36.

These prices do not include power supply. If you use our console, or any Studiohub compatible console that supplies power to external devices, they can be powered through the RJ45 audio connection from the console. Otherwise they require +/- 15 volts. +/- 12 volts or even lower will work, but with a reduction in headroom.

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